Hair Replacement for men
A Head Start To A New You
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Just about everybody knows of someone who is still wearing a wig that was made at least 10 years ago
and it is so obvious you can spot it a mile away. This leads most people to believe that wigs, and toupees
are obvious cover-ups.

The truth is that they have come a long way and today’s hair systems can be total undetectable.
Another concern for most hair loss sufferers is, that the system is never really part of them.
It’s like wearing a hat, it’s something you can put on or take off.
Here at Total Recall we would like to discuss the various attachment options available with you, to make sure that we find the most suitable solution for your lifestyle.

Call for your free no obligation consultation. During your first visit, we’ll take time to discuss all of your options and answer any questions you may have. We ’ll examine your scalp and determine which procedure we feel is best suited for your particular lifestyle You ’re under no obligation, but if you decide to take control of your hair loss problem, our next step is to take a mould of the balding area needing coverage, to create a fit as snug as a contact lens fits the eye. We then take a sample of your own existing hair so that we can match the colour, density, wave pattern and texture.

Special consideration will be given to your height, age, weight, personality, career and lifestyle.  
Your new hair is guaranteed to look, feel and act just like your own existing hair.
Using advanced technology and artistry, we will expertly restore a totally natural front hairline.
We use just the right amount of fine hairs of different densities that blend softly into the forehead, creating a soft, unnoticeable transition from receding or thinning hair to correctly dense frontal hair. This ensures that your hairline is natural and aesthetically perfect.

We can sculpt, blend and create a “look” that is totally natural and designed especially for you.
Whether your preference is short and conservative, carefree and easy, combed straight back, high fashioned or anything in between, the only limitation we are bound to ... is your imagination