Hair Replacement for women
A Head Start To A New You
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In today’s society it is unacceptable for women to be bold or have thinning hair

Here at Total Recall we have been aware for some time, that our industry has been neglecting women, leaving those who want to maintain the appearance of a full head of hair little choice. We still do carry a broad range of women ’s wigs in lots of colours and styles, and believe that for many women it is an easy and appropriate option, to address their hair loss problem. We are not a wig shop, and pride ourselves to have the best after sales service.

At the same time we are able to offer a highly customised form of hair system, which formerly was available only to the male clientele.
The result is a program especially created for you. It allows you the versatility to change your style, cut,
wave, and colour your hair any way you want, giving you a choice of solutions never before possible.
Research has shown that women’s hair loss patterns differ from that of men; it diffuses in a circular rotation, from the middle of the head to the ears.

This elementary difference resulted in the development of an individually constructed permanent replacement system that would increase the density but still allow your growing hair to be washed styled etc.
Women also have more demanding requests when it comes to colour, and the ‘right’ blend should always be comprised of three different colours to archive depths and shine. This and much more we are able to address with our “for ladies only” hair program.

If you ever thought of taking control of your hair loss, now is the time to take that first step, there is nothing to loose and a whole lot to gain. Call or Email us for a totally obligation free consultation. We will take the time to discuss all your options and answer all the questions you may have. We are sure that together with you we will find the best solution.