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If you are going through treatment which causes temporary hair loss, you have to opt for a full wig.

We carry a vast range of styles in synthetic and human hair. These are made with hand vented tops for comfort and in most cases we can even match your hairdressers colour artwork.
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Here at Total Recall we have an extensive range of fashion wigs for any and all occasions.


You may have come across some confusing terminologies in the wig and hair replacement industry and heard of integrations, extensions, or inlays.

We call all of those additions, and split them up into three main categories.

Hair additions can be fully customised hairpieces and are mostly used to help overcome the problems
arising from alopecia areata. Most of these systems we manufacture in house, in order to archive an absolute match to your existing hair, each is customised to blend seamlessly with your own hair. This way we can guarantee that you will own a hairpiece, which is totally undetectable, under all conditions.

Integrations should be seen as fashion items and are used when your own hair lacks the fullness and vibrancy you require. But please consider, this is a hair system, which sometimes is a little hard to handle yourself, and you might like your hairdresser to help you putting it in.

Extensions can give you the long hair you desire instantaneous. By using our unique method of attachment (no glues, no waxes, no beads) you not only can grow your own hair while wearing the extensions, but you are also able to change your hair style nearly every way you want. At the same time we feel that this is a very cost effective way to instant long hair, due to the fact that you are able to use the same extensions
over and over again.